Jumbo Rilakkuma Chocolate Toast Squishy

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🐻 This Texas-toast style Jumbo Rilakkuma Chocolate Toast Squishy is a member of the Rilakkuma squishy line

🐻 Featuring a super kawaii bear face and a single chocolate-dipped ear

🐻 Slow rising makes it great for stress relief

🐻 Must have for any squishy lover

🐻 This item ships from the USA via Amazon fulfillment.

Rilakkuma's name is a combination of リラックス rirakkusu, a Japanese transliteration of the English word "relax", and クマ(熊)kuma, the Japanese word for "bear". Rilakkuma's origin story is that he mysteriously appears in the office lady Kaoru's apartment one day. He is a soft toy bear who has apparently decided to take up residence there. On his back there is a zipper which when opened reveals a light blue polka dot patterned material. The reason for the zipper on his back is unknown.

He was first seen in a series of picture books called Rilakkuma Seikatsu produced by San-X but since has become equally popular as a soft-toy character. In the picture books, he is often seen dressed up in a variety of costumes such as a kappa costume. In addition, it is implied that even in his usual appearance, his entire lower body is a costume, which he will often replace when it gets old or dirty (Rilakkuma is frequently seen sitting around waiting for suits that look exactly like him to dry on the clothes line). However, it is not clear whether his head is also part of his costume.