One Random Slow Rising Panda Bun Squishy

Hello Squishy

$5.99 $8.99


Is it a panda? Is it a bun? It's both! If you're a fan of either, you'll love our Slow Rising Panda Bun Squishy.

🐼 COLLECT THEM ALL - Each one ordered will be a randomly selected panda, out of a total collection of four different ones.

🐼 PERFECT ENTERTAINMENT - Cute and super soft squishy helps with fidgeting, boredom, and relaxation.

🐼 MAKES FOR A GREAT GIFT - Whether in search of a stress reliever or a new fidget toy, our squishies are perfect. Smoosh, squeeze, stretch, pull, toss and bounce - these will slowly rise and return to their original shape.

🐼 GREAT FOR ALL AGES - Perfect for a table, office desk, or kid's room. Everyone will enjoy staring at this super soft and super squishy!

Please note: This squishy may come with imperfections or become defective after squishing. Please take into consideration before purchasing.